Fashion – a Cross Cultural Perspective

When chatting about fashion, clothing designers these kinds of as Hugo Manager, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent may appear to head. Yet fashion is far more complex then the threads these designers weave it is a tailor made or model of costume intertwined with society, its norms and culture.

For example, in many tribal communities in Southern Africa gentlemen go wholly bare except for a string all over the midsection. Women typically had been common tribal clothing, but from time to time go topless, especially in the sizzling summer months. This type of costume attire is taboo in most western international locations, yet completely ordinary and ideal for tribal society. If we had been to invite a few associates of an African tribal community to check out the United States, they would need to conform to the country’s costume code in get to suit in. If, however our interlopers chose to overlook U.S. costume norms and walked all over the streets of New York sporting only tribal attire, they would almost certainly be arrested, or sent to Bell Perspective for Psychiatric analysis. As a result, what is ordinary costume in 1 place is regarded bazaar, illegal, or even psychotic in a different.

Consider George for example, he’s an normal person with a great develop, however heads switch when he retailers at a regional Sears keep sporting a woman’s costume. If we question George’s buddies to explain him, they say he’s a great person, but odd because he likes sporting women’s clothing. When George proceeds to acquire a shirt at Sears the revenue woman appears uncomfortable ringing him up. Immediately after he exits the office the revenue woman turns to a co-employee and begins to giggle. When men and women violate costume norms they could discover by themselves mocked, isolated or even ostracized kind society.
If we could switch the clock again a few minuets and transport George to a parallel universe in which women costume like gentlemen, and gentlemen costume like women then George would suit in completely. As he retailers at Sears no person blinks an eye. George’s buddies now explain him as a excellent person and a great dresser. Even the revenue woman smiles as she rings him up. Immediately after he leaves the office the woman even now turns to a co-employee and begins to giggle, not because George is sporting a costume, but because she’s manufactured a date with him for evening meal and a movie that night. Ironically in equally universes George’s temperament and costume attire is equivalent, yet peoples attitudes and notion in direction of him has altered, because of to the big difference in cultural options.

Finally satisfy Pam, as she’s out shopping on a freezing winter season night sporting a T-shirt and shorts, men and women consider she’s insane. Whilst Pam’s attire is ordinary for a sizzling summer working day, it appears odd when worn in the lifeless of winter season. 6 months latter in June, when Pam demonstrates up at wedding sporting a tank major and shorts, men and women conclude she’s crazy. Of program Pam’s costume attire is perfect for summer, but inappropriate for a wedding. As a result, what is ordinary costume code for a culture can be regarded abnormal if worn all through the improper session or social context.

As prolonged as men and women have on clothing, fashion will generally be intertwined with society, its norms and culture. As a consequence, the subsequent time you acquire an posting of clothing at your regional mall or on-line, will it truly be your conclusion or will you be affected by the culture all over you?