Greatest Gun for Women – Smith and Wesson 637 with Pink Grips

Women carrying handguns is starting to be a typical matter in modern earth. With how quite a few sexual assaults, rapes and abductions there nevertheless are, you never ever know what will transpire. But what is the ‘Best Gun for Women’ to concealed have to defend on their own? Selecting a gun for women is completely distinctive than picking out a gun for gentlemen, mainly simply because of women’s lesser hand dimension and toughness. Women obtain it much extra at ease to shoot a lesser sized handgun, that has a lighter trigger pull and a lot less recoil than a comprehensive sized, semi auto handgun. But what is the finest handgun for women to shoot and have?

To figure out what the finest gun for women is, we’ve judged the guns based on their dimension, caliber, dependability, and seems to be. With these in thoughts, we’ve established that the Smith and Wesson Model 637 is the Greatest Gun for Women. We have also provided the Constitution Arms Pink Girl some thing to consider.


For carrying in purses or purses, the S&W Model 637 is about a ideal dimension. It only has a 1 seven/8″ barrel, so this ‘snubnose’ gun is effortless to hide in practically any bag. Mainly because the gun is a minimal little bit lesser body dimension, it will come to feel rather at ease in women’s palms. Only weighing in at 15 oz helps make it effortless to toss in a bag and conceal have day by day. It is also modest and sleek adequate to in shape in pants or a jacket pocket.


The Smith and Wesson 637 chambers a 38 exclusive cartridge, which is a sound self defense round. For quite a few many years law enforcement staff have favored this gun for a concealed weapon, and the 38 exclusive has created a correlation with mob model assassinations simply because of the snubnose gun dimension and the first rate ability of the round. The .38 exclusive round has fairly first rate stopping ability as effectively, and is observed all over the place for decently low-priced. Its recoil is also not horribly terrible, so it is a lot easier for females to shoot.


A Smith and Wesson revolver is just one of the most reliable guns you can buy. Revolvers on their own are typically particularly reliable simply because of their design and style, simplicity and couple of shifting elements, and Smith and Wesson is deemed by quite a few to be the Greatest Revolver Brand name out there right now, and undoubtedly the largest gun manufacturer in the United States. This group is also wherever the S&W 637 excelled previously mentioned the Constitution Arms Pink Girl. Lots of folks are not contented with the dependability of the Constitution Arms revolver, and how it is over-all a less expensive experience gun. But not to stress, you will not go improper with an S&W 637 when it comes to dependability, or any other Smith and Wesson revolver for that make any difference.

Seems to be

When women decide on a gun, how it seems to be is just as significant as how it shoots. Which is a further area wherever Smith and Wesson Revolvers hit it spot on. The Smith and Wesson 637 with pink grips is the ideal gun for women. It was created specially for women, maintaining all of the categories we’ve been talking about in thoughts, dimension dependability, seems to be and the round. The pink grips actually helps make proudly owning a gun extra enjoyment for women, and adds a personal contact that claims that guns is all theirs, and was made for them. This will ideally make them extra at ease with the weapon, especially when they want it most.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on the ‘Greatest Gun for Women‘ notion is that the Smith and Wesson 637 is the finest handgun for women to have with them and defend on their own. With the earth acquiring extra hazardous, obtaining that self defense handgun may well make the big difference between acquiring kidnapped and raped, or staying alive and absolutely free.

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