The expression “formal clothing” is severely misjudged in present day society.

Formal clothing does not only mean suits and ties! Formal clothing means a generously higher clothing standard, requiring garments that most men don’t claim.

Formal wear for men changes relying upon the season of day: in sunshine hours, it implies morning dress with a tailcoat and vest, while around evening time it implies white or black tie. Both of these are to a great degree strict clothing standards. .

This article will give you some easy tips to help you hack the formal look. If you are keen to know read below.

Men’s Attire for Formal Events

The formal events make the decision making process of what to wear and what not a lot easier than the casual events because for formal events the option of garment type has already been decided. The major reason behind wearing the black tie format is to give a more distinguished look

When men’s formal attire is worn knowledgeable, the black or white tuxedo or suit appears as a foil to an accompanying woman’s bright dress

While dressing for a formal event make sure that you possess the complete set of outfit you have to wear.

  1. Black evening jacket

Short evening black jacket is the standard in the black tie occasions in the light of the fact that tailcoats are now outdated. The evening jacket is normally single breasted having upward sweeping peeked lapels. The exposed side of the lapel should be of a glossier material than the rest of the suit.


  1. Black trousers

They are the dinner jacket trousers, a perfect choice to be worn in a black tie event. The piping on the sides of the trouser pair it up in an exceptional manner with the black jacket. Keep in mind that for a black tie event the bottom of these trousers should never be cuffed.

  1. Black waist coat

The purpose of wearing a black waist coat is to conceal the trousers waistband and give a slimming effect to the bottom of the shirt.

  1. White dress shirt

The tuxedo shirt is not at all like the other dress shirts. It is made of cotton, has little dark buttons, creased front, and a turndown neckline. The neckline and single-cuffs are ideally pressed.

  1. Black bow tie

There are two types of black bow tie the butterfly self-tie bow and the bat wing bow.

Butterfly is a modern, well known bow tie whereas the bat wing is considered as a vintage accessory in formal attire. You must learn how to tie a bow-tie properly to pull together the whole outfit in a confident manner.

  1. Shoes

Last but most importantly to pull off the whole black look together it is advisable to wear black oxford shoes that are well polished and shiny. Just make sure the shoes are comfortable.

You can also use accessories that compliment your outfit, for example you can wear a good looking watch to give a more sophisticated look.

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