How to Find a Condo for Rent in Bangkok

 The preeminent City of Angels in the Land of Smiles enjoyed over 32 million visitors in 2016. According to a United Nations’ report, Bangkok is the 11th most traversed country in the world and brought in a whopping over $71 million revenue of the same year in the tourism industry.  Most visitors come from Japan, China, South Korea and all other neighboring Southeast Asian countries, as well as tourists and expats from western countries.

Bangkok is home to over 14 million residents. Regional headquarters of multinationals are located in the city, translating to quite a sizeable population of expats and their families. Taking into consideration the tens of millions of local and international visitors that stay in Bangkok, finding a satisfactory condo for rent in Bangkok seems to be more likely. On the contrary.  The fact is the number of Bangkok condos and apartments for rent has significantly grown.

Short and Long Term Condo Rentals

A short-term rental refers to less than a month’ stay whereas a long term condominium rental refers to at least three to six months stay. A short vacation stay in Bangkok normally does not entail renting a condo; but for foreign businessmen working for Bangkok-based companies, foreign students enrolled in universities in the city, or expats and adventurous couples who are thinking of trading their homes for Bangkok, long term condo rentals is highly advised.

Things to Consider

Major points to consider when choosing a condo are its location, size, furniture, amenities and monthly rental price.

  • Location

Sukhumvit is considered one of the top residential districts in Bangkok and affords a wide range of condo for rent.  The lower part of Sukhumvit offers easy access to Bangkok’s transportation system of Bangkok, and its primary shopping, entertaining and dining establishments. Mid Sukhumvit is the best area to look for low-rise condos. Most expats reside in the area as it’s within walking distance to the BTS train. Upper Sukhumvit offers the most affordable residential property in the district.

Wireless Road in Sukhumvit is lined with first-rate condominium units for those who prefer luxurious accommodations.  This is where the British Embassy is situated, and is the location of some of the most expensive properties in Bangkok.

Lumpini is home to numerous high-rise condos and serviced apartments for rent.  It is also the area where most embassies are situated.  Tourists tend to gravitate towards this area as there are plenty of 5-star hotels located here.

Silom is one of the most important financial districts in the city.  With MRT and BTS connections, the area affords easy access to Bangkok’s commercial center and nightclubs. There is also a smattering of hotels in the area, as well as high-rise condos ascending in the middle of traditional Thai neighborhood.

Sathorn is another preferred residential district in Bangkok more so if one is inclined to nightlife. It borders Silom, and therefore offers the same options in relation to condos and other residential properties. Sathorn is Bangkok’s largest and oldest commercial district and has its offering of hotel rooms for tourists on vacation.

 Patumwan borders Lumpini and therefore affords similar options in property rentals.  There are condos, hotel rooms, and apartments for rent in the area, as well as high-quality residential homes. There are embassies located in this district too.

  • Floor Area and Furniture

Condominiums come in various sizes. They can be as small as a studio or one-bedroom unit affair of 24 square meters, or as large as a 3-bedroom affair of up to 360 square meters.  In most cases, these condo units for rent are fully furnished and equipped. The would-be tenant need not buy new furniture and kitchen equipment.  In larger condos, a utility area for the washer and dryer is provided. If not, a common laundry area for the whole condo complex is accessible to tenants for free.

  • Amenities

Condos offer standard amenities such as a lobby, swimming pool, fully-equipped fitness center, parking area, garden area, and sometimes free shuttle service for tenants. Security is optimal as keycard access, CCTV surveillance system, 24-hour security are included in services offered.  Majority of condos do not allow pets, and not all are PWD-friendly establishments.

  • Rental Price

Fully furnished and equipped condo units located in prime areas are more expensive than those located in less high-end locations.  Monthly rates for condo units start at 15,000 THB and well over 350,000 THB.  The average range for a 1 to 2-bedroom condo unit located in prime districts start at about 25,000 THB up to 85,000 THB. Low cost condo in less desirable areas may be rented for 5,000 to 10,000 THB. High-end condos are usually priced at 600 THB per square meter.  In such cases, a condo unit with a floor area of 100 square meters could cost from 60,000 THB to 100,000 THB per month.

Other Concerns

It would be a lot easier to get the services of a qualified broker in finding a condo to rent in Bangkok.  As most contracts are in Thai, a broker could help in the facilitation of the lease term and contract.  It must be ensured that the contract terms are agreeable, and that there are no gaps in the contract that can negatively affect the lessee.  It must be cleared if maintenance and repair, connectivity, and utilities are included in the rent.  The usual initial cash out is two months, and one-month advance. So, for a 40,000 THB rent per month, the initial cash out is 120,000 THB.