Palladium: The new face of jewelry?

Palladium is not fully new in the jewelry sector in truth back in 1939 it is identified to have been utilised in jewelry manufacture.  Palladium is component of the Platinum Group Metals (or PGM’s) and is mined and extracted from the very same mineral deposits as platinum and often even gold.

Becoming component of the PGM’s, palladium bears a amazing resemblance to platinum, each bodily and chemically.  Like platinum, palladium has a lustrous silver-white colour and it is excellent for use in jewelry.  As palladium jewelry is manufactured from 95 – a hundred% pure palladium, the jewelry is hypoallergenic.  This means that it is the excellent steel for people with sensitive or irritable pores and skin.

There are some substantial dissimilarities amongst platinum and palladium even so, benefits that are leading to jewelry companies to include palladium into their engagement and wedding ring styles.

Palladium is a extremely tough steel in actuality, it is twelve% more challenging than platinum.  It is also forty% lighter than platinum, a statistic that translates into a substantial conserving when it comes to obtaining palladium jewelry.  Jewelry is priced not only according to the labour that is associated in producing an product of jewelry (specifically in the scenario of hand-designed jewelry) but also according to the pounds of steel utilised.  Consequently, when in comparison to an identically developed platinum ring, a palladium ring will weigh noticeably less and will so price less.

On top of that, the price tag of palladium is a fraction of the price tag of platinum.  Now (August 2009), the palladium price tag is a quarter of the price tag of platinum and a third of the price tag of gold.  Not only is palladium more affordable for each ounce than gold, it also has a range of other benefits above gold.

Gold, in its natural form, is a metallic yellow colour.  Consequently, to produce white gold, gold need to be alloyed with a amount of white metals these types of as palladium, nickel and silver.  Nevertheless, with 18ct white gold remaining seventy five% gold and twenty five% alloy (palladium, nickel and silver), it is difficult to flip gold a pure white colour.  Consequently, all white gold is electro-plated with Rhodium (a different Platinum Group Metal) ensuing in the vibrant metallic white colour we know so very well.  Over time even so, this rhodium-plating wears off, top clients to believe their gold has “tarnished”.  For the reason that palladium is a by natural means white steel, there is no have to have to rhodium-plate it and palladium jewelry will maintain it’s colour above time.

Palladium is so a price-successful, yet important steel ideally suited to engagement rings and wedding bands and what far better time to spend in a ring than now, when the costs are lower and palladium rings are still exclusive.

Clare Appleyard is a Technological Diamond Professional and co-identified of Katannuta Diamonds, a South African jewelry and gemstone company specialising in quality, bespoke, hand-designed merchandise of jewelry and putting a strong emphasis on purchaser education.  For extra info on palladium jewelry, diamonds and other gemstones, make sure you come to feel totally free to check out in which you can down load your totally free report and subscribe to our regular monthly newsletter.