Lately, a group of teens crack into some well known celebrities’ households in Los Angeles. They have robbed a quantity of the stars’ households when the law enforcement realize success in seeking the group. They are finally arrested by the law enforcement on suspicion of burglarizing the well known stars’ households. There were being 4 young women and two males integrated.

When they were being inquired how they could crack into the celebrities’ households and steal their belongings, every single of them referred to the Internet. It is especially clear that the commit triggered because of to the sophisticated Internet. They study the blogs or web sites once more and once more of stars these types of as Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Paris Hilton. They checked the celebrities’ each day daily life and residing habit and have a properly of awareness of all these areas. Thus, they tracked the movements of the stars, knew their whereabouts and then broke into their households when they were being outside.

One particular reporter was crammed with question that why the teens would be so dense to rob people stars’ households. He questioned a single of the teens about his issue. One particular of the girls told him that they experienced accomplished this just for enjoyment. She regarded it as a instead interesting issue that she experienced by no means accomplished just before. When she broke into a star’s households, she was shocked that there were being huge quantities of jewels and necklaces in the drawer which she could not pay for during her life span. When she went above all these belongings, her eyes were being instantly caught by a interesting Tiffany jewel.

As soon as she experienced seen it on a journal, modern and charming. But it was so costly that she could not pay for it. How she wished she could have a single during her life span! At that instant, she knew that her desire experienced understood. And when she set on the jewel, she appeared in a natural way stunning and modern. While she ought to shell out for her silly behavior, she would by no means regret. What a weak creature.

While these teens are a lot of a idiot, we should also shell out a lot awareness on the bring about of the silly behavior, these types of as the Internet. When we converse with others on the Internet, we ought to make sure that it is really safe and sound. We should not clearly show a lot of our private info on the Internet.