What to Assume When You happen to be Arrested: a Manual for Women Arrested in Los Angeles County

By Tonya Rynerson From the homeless female billed with petty theft to celebrity lousy ladies like Paris Hilton, Lynwood Jail turns into a non permanent dwelling for women arrested in Los Angeles County. Also recognized as the Century Station Jail, Lynwood is the main LA County jail for women. If you’re a female arrested in […]

By Tonya Rynerson

From the homeless female billed with petty theft to celebrity lousy ladies like Paris Hilton, Lynwood Jail turns into a non permanent dwelling for women arrested in Los Angeles County. Also recognized as the Century Station Jail, Lynwood is the main LA County jail for women. If you’re a female arrested in Los Angeles, you’re likely to be taken to Lynwood Jail for processing and scheduling.

The arrest, scheduling, and bail bond approach goes a lot more smoothly and is significantly less terrifying if you fully grasp the approach and know what to expect.

Stay Calm During the Arrest Method

The law enforcement might arrest you if they have possible lead to to believe that you have committed a crime. They detain you, go through your Miranda warnings (“You have the appropriate to keep on being silent….etc.”), and transportation you to a jail – usually Lynwood Jail – for processing and scheduling.

Even if you consider the law enforcement are making a error when they arrest you, it truly is important to be cooperative. Or else, the law enforcement might charge you with resisting arrest, which will make your predicament that a great deal even worse.

· Never ever argue with the arresting officers.

· Do not test to run absent from or contact the officers.

· Retain your arms in check out at all periods.

· Be well mannered you should not threaten the officers with lawsuits or yell about law enforcement brutality.

· Give your real, correct identify. Bailing out “Jane Doe” or “Sue Z. Cue” is following to unattainable.

The law enforcement will check with you if you have weapons, needles or everything sharp that might damage them. Answer actually because following they will look for you to make positive you you should not have a weapon. Assume to be handcuffed and transported to a scheduling facility recognized commonly as jail. The vast majority of women arrested in Los Angeles County are taken to Lynwood Jail, but you also might be processed at another facility and sooner or later moved to Lynwood. If you’re at a significant event like a sporting event or live performance, they might have non permanent keeping amenities and will transportation you later on to a jail. Any transfer will add to the time it requires to get released, so be geared up to wait around.

The law enforcement can problem you right before or after you’re booked. Most lawyers say it truly is very best not to volunteer any facts besides for your identify and address, which you ought to deliver. Be cautious what you say. The law enforcement are not kidding when they warn you that “everything you say can and will be applied versus you.” If you ask for an attorney, they ought to quit the interrogation until eventually your attorney comes.

Scheduling Treatments May well Choose a Prolonged Time

The moment at Lynwood Jail, women are “booked,” or processed into the process. Very little about the scheduling approach is speedy, and you would not be equipped to organize for bail until eventually it truly is finish. In significant jails, scheduling can consider as lengthy as 12 – or occasionally extended.

Important components of the scheduling approach incorporate:

· Basic personal facts. You happen to be requested for your identify, address, cellular phone variety, social security, cellular phone variety, and following of kin facts.

· Photograph. This is the infamous “mug shot,” which will glance even even worse than your driver’s license photo.

· Home assortment. Jail staff acquire all your personal belongings like jewelry, purse, wallet, etc. and give you a receipt. All the things will be returned to you when you’re released, besides for unlawful substances or products saved as proof. Check out the receipt to make positive that every little thing taken from you is detailed.

· Fingerprinting and identification. Your fingerprints and personal facts are entered into the federal database for long run reference and to check for superb charges, warrants or matches to unsolved cases. If they law enforcement took fingerprints at the scene, they will test to match yours to those as well.

· Physique look for. This can be unpleasant, embarrassing, and/or humiliating. The extent of the look for depends on unique factors it might be a very simple pat down, but it could also be a complete cavity look for. The only excellent issue to say is that it ought to be performed by a female law enforcement officer or jail employee.

The moment the scheduling methods are finish, jail staff consider you to a jail cell exactly where you will likely keep on being until eventually bailed out, released on your have recognizance (for small offenses) or it truly is time to surface right before a judge. At some issue in the approach, you can make a cellular phone phone. The before you can make your phone, the better, because it usually means your household can go ahead commence doing the job with a bail bond agent.

When you make your cellular phone phone, be positive to give the man or woman you phone the pursuing facts:

1. Your complete identify and date of delivery.

two. The identify of the jail. If you are not positive what jail you are in, let them know exactly where you have been arrested. Your household are not able to bail you out if they are not able to come across you!

3. Your bail quantity, if you know it. Also, let the man or woman know that you do want to be bailed out and if you can find the money for the bail bond cost (10% of the bail). Bear in mind, no a single can phone in to you, so make positive you deliver all the facts you can up front. If you phone your brother and he is not positive you want to be bailed out (duh!), you could wait around noticeably extended in jail.

four. Check with the man or woman you phone to consider care of little ones, animals and any job circumstances that can be tackled. You might not be out of jail in time for get the job done, so you might want someone to phone in for you.

Your Working experience When in Jail

The arrest and scheduling approach is unnerving adequate, but most women are terrified by the believed of becoming positioned in the keeping cell with a large amount of strangers. It is really unattainable to ignore all those B films and information tales about prison violence.

Naturally, there is some risk, but try to remember about 70% of women arrested in California are billed with non-violent crimes: offenses like drug possession, writing lousy checks, petty theft, and prostitution. Only about a quarter are billed with violent offenses and most of those are versus husbands, boyfriends, and other household associates.

Bear in mind that you are incarcerated with men and women you you should not know. They might be dealing with psychological health and fitness issues, drug addictions, or other troubles that make them emotionally unstable. It is really very best to be reserved, but welcoming. Do not volunteer personal facts you should not make statements that denigrate a individual ethnic or religious team and you should not give other individuals the effect that you consider you’re “much too excellent” to be in jail with the rest of them.

Bail Bond and Release Treatments

The bail quantity is established by judges in a County Bail Schedule based on the charges. Bail Schedules generally have differing bail amounts dependent on the severity of the crime. For instance, a DUI in LA County has a $fifteen,000 bail a DUI with incident is $50,000 and so on.

Bail can be elevated, lowered or eliminated only by a judge. Waiting to be listened to in front of a judge usually means more time in jail. If you do wait around for a judge, the judge considers the severity of the offense, probability that you’re a risk to the community, the quantity of jail time if you’re located responsible, your previous arrest history, and community ties.

The typical bail quantity in California is $twenty five,000. Typically bail is established better. Since couple of men and women can pay out the full quantity, you’ll possibly will need to deal with a licensed bail bond agent. The bail agent can stroll you by the entire bail bond approach and deal with the release. Specialist bail agents know the jail methods and typically know the bail schedules. They can commence the bail approach to get hold of the speediest release achievable. The faster a bail bondsman is contacted, the speedier the release can come about.

Bail agents charge 10% of the bail quantity as payment for their expert services. The California Legislature regulates this expense. If a bail agent delivers you a “low cost 5% bail bond,” you’re dealing with someone keen to violate California law, and which is harmful for you.
Soon after all, if the bail bond agent would not abide by that portion of the law, how can you be positive he’ll abide by the acceptable methods for getting your release and return your collateral when the situation is finish?

Obtaining arrested is never enjoyable: the scheduling approach can be sluggish and disheartening, and a night in jail can be as scary as it sounds. But, in this situation, awareness really is ability. The moment you fully grasp what is happening, what your rights and responsibilities are, and how to organize for release, you’ll be equipped to deal with by yourself and remain serene until eventually you’re back dwelling with your loved ones.