Becoming a Mom- 8 Benefits of Pregnancy Spas

After the first trimester of pregnancy, signs of bothersome problems like morning sickness are usually absent. Now it is time to get yourself some pampering at a local spa. Pregnancy is a tough period for most moms because of the endless physical and emotional changes that take place in their bodies. Next is a look at the 8 merits of pregnancy spas to expectant women and their unborn babies.

Pregnancy spas result in the release of endocrines that make the stress and anxiety levels reduce while enhancing relaxation and rest in the body. With such changes, an expectant mom’s body gains the capability to function optimally at all times. There is also an improvement in the sleep patterns of an expectant mom.

There is a significant rise in a pregnant mom’s blood circulation, which ensures that her body and that of her unborn get enough oxygen and nutrients for various functions. Variscose veins, a pregnancy-related condition is also kept at bay by going to the spa regularly. Interestingly, the tense muscles that result from carrying a fetus also get relieved.
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There is a 40 percent rise in blood volume levels in pregnant women. With that increase, there is undue stress to her lymphatic system, a state that may cause the retention of fluid. With regular pregnancy spa sessions, women can cause the reversal of such unwanted effects.
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Everyday symptoms that come with pregnancy can be relieved if expectant women go to spas. Some of these issues are fatigue, backaches, headaches, and leg cramps. What happens is that women’s trigger points and muscle spasms get relaxed whenever she undergoes massage therapy during pregnancy spa sessions. Additionally, it enhances the release of serotonin, which is a naturally-occurring painkiller to eliminate aches.

The digestive systems of expectant moms are usually sluggish to make it possible for their babies to absorb nutrients. These changes often cause discomfort for numerous women since they result in constipation and heartburn in most instances. The stresses of pregnancy also aggravate the heartburn. Spas reduce such symptoms and make pregnancy the most wonderful stage for any woman’s life.

There is an improvement in a pregnant woman’s breathing capacity after a spa. Usually, the massage given causes her thorax and lung muscles to relax. As a consequence, she is able to provide abundant levels of oxygen to her body and the fetus.

Expectant women look glamorous after attending spas. With muscle toning, and enhanced skin elasticity and tone, such an outcome is usually inevitable. The enhanced supply of oxygen and blood to her skin’s surface is also a major contributor.

It is during pregnancy that a woman’s immune system is needed most. It is with a pregnancy spa that her disease-fighting abilities can work optimally for the protection of herself and her fetus.