Top 4 Men’s Bag Styles

Bags are a shady subject for men. But let’s remember, the last thing on is the first thing noticed. And with first impressions being so important in our busy society, it’s time that your bag stopped ruining things for your image. (If I catch anyone using a ‘Fitness First’ bag with a suit again, I’ll E-Honda Slap you.) The majority of straight men think it’s too gay to hold certain bags, so you’ll seldom hear a conversation about ‘that new bag that’s hit the shops’. Also, the fact that there are so many different names for men’s bags makes it confusing to start shopping for them. Well not anymore.

Forget all the bag jargon you’ve been hearing, here are the top four bags that every man should be familiar with and own. Remember these crucial basics; if you have a new-found love for bags, go do your research and get creative.

  1. Holdall
    Also known as the weekend bag or Duffel, every man must own one of these. Ideal for business trips and weekend getaways, the holdall stylishly provides space for clothes, shoes, paperwork…everything really. In a word it holds ‘all’.
    Best carried with: Business/Casual clothes
  2. Satchel
    I’ve heard this being called a pouch, sling bag, messenger bag, shoulder bag and newsboy bag but don’t fret, just ask a sales assistant for a satchel and they’ll understand. This is a common bag within city fashion. Worn across the chest or hanging from the shoulder, the satchel will always be a timeless bag. It also comes in a variety of styles; with multi-pockets, in leather or with imagery across its flap. Trendy as they are now, in the summer team them with a polo shirt and a nice pair of Tom Ford sunglasses for a classic British look.
    Best carried with: Street/Casual Wear
  3. Briefcase
    To be worn with a suit. And ONLY a suit. These are the oldest surviving “acceptable” handbags for men. Briefcases have evolved from the simple square box into more elegant and sleek shapes. Comprising a classic leather interior, buckles and key locks, plus the efficiently integrated inside compartments, make the briefcase the top choice for the professional working man (or with a suit on the way to the Job Centre.)
    Best carried with: Business Attire
  4. Rucksack
    Commonly known as ‘back-packs’, this is the more performance-based bag out of the bunch. Until recently, the rucksack was just used for carrying stuff up mountains and to the gym. Now (as shown above in the form of the luxury Louis Vuitton option and the trendy American Apparel type), this baby has had a makeover to become an essential style accessory. Best used for travelling, typical outdoor rucksacks have well-padded shoulder straps and extra zip compartments.
    Best Carried with: Street/Casual Wear

So there you have it, the basics on bags. There should be no excuses for supermarket carrier bags or Fitness First freebies from now on.…